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6 月 20 日 fastly 发表 blog 宣布推出免费的开发者账号,其包含权益如下(6 月 24 日)

Pricing 页面下标注的权益

  • $50/mo worth of CDN traffic
  • No request throttling, ever
  • No advertised logos in front of your customers, ever
  • No cap on redirects & page rules
  • No cap on regular expressions
  • Purge anything from global cache in 150ms
  • No charge for additional users—invite the whole team, or invite all but one person and cause some drama
  • Never get overloaded with over 330 Tbps of global traffic capacity
  • Reliably cache your content every time in our massive edge POPs
  • TLS and always-on DDoS mitigation
  • 1GB of storage on the only instant Key Value store
  • Application secret storage
  • Unique sustainability reporting
  • Observability built-in
  • Real-time log streaming
  • Community support that’ll actually support you
  • Trial access to Image Optimization, Compute, Fanout, Websockets, and more

Blog 下标注的权益

  • CDN: Generous requests and bandwidth (well over 200GB and 2 Million requests per month) and TLS certificates on the exact same network that powers the world’s biggest applications, shopping events, and sports championships.
  • Security: Unlimited L3/4 DDoS mitigation and complete flexibility to manage all L7 traffic.
  • Compute: Our Wasm-powered Compute platform to run high-scale apps in your favorite languages like JS, Rust, and Go.
  • WebSockets and Push Notifications: Build and scale real-time systems with direct sockets and one-to-many pushes.
  • Data Storage: Manage secrets, config states, and complete K/V data in one of the fastest edge data platforms on the market.
  • Observability: Real-Time Streaming Logs to Dozens of Endpoints
  • Image Optimization: Enterprise-Grade Image Transformation. Support for smart crop, blur, metadata, framing, and more.
  • Community: Learn, troubleshoot, and ship alongside the world's leading open-source maintainers, innovative builders, and the people behind the largest applications on earth.
  • Support: Assistance from the most exceptional customer service operation on the planet.

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