Is it fair to call Julius Rodriguez and the community of young artists he works with jazz’s new vanguard? The 23 year-old musician does not bristle at that four-letter word the way many of his colleagues who practice great Black American Music do. Having studied jazz since childhood, attending its prominent youth programs and learning institutions while developing a playing dexterity and a composer’s ear for its blues-, spirituals-, and ballad-related cornerstones, Julius recognizes jazz’s cultural value and the processes that further its prestige as America’s classical music. But what becomes abundantly apparent from listening to Let Sound Tell All, Rodriguez’s debut album, is that, schooled though he may be in jazz’s conventions, Julius doesn’t believe in the limitations by which jazz’s guardians have come to define it.

When you hear Julius Rodriguez play “the music,” as he calls it, it’s a modern Sound, as fluent in history as it is aware of its contemporary context. His music dares to imagine a future of new standards and sonic excitement. This vanguard was raised in an atmosphere where pop and hip-hop and dance influenced their approaches to melody and harmony and rhythm, so of course it is part of their improvisational DNA. And that’s what Julius Rodriguez’s Sound tells to whoever will choose to listen.

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1Blues At The Barn
2All I Do
4Gift Of The Moon
5Two Way Street
6Where Grace Abounds
7Elegy (For Cam)
8In Heaven
9Philip’s Thump

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